West Fork Fire Complex Update -- June 19, 2013, 3:15 PM

Fire activity has picked up on both the West Fork and Windy Pass Fires this afternoon. A large smoke plume is visible from communities within a 75-mile radius. Prevailing winds from the southwest are pushing the West Fork Fire northward up the West Fork drainage and to the northeast up the Beaver Creek drainage. Our “eyes in the sky” report tha the fire has not yet crossed the Continental Divide; however the fire is burning less than a mile from the Rio Grande National Forest. The fire is not making a push to the south at this time.


A small column is also beginning to build on the Windy Pass Fire; however, it has not moved out of the 'bowl" that it is sitting in. There is a small spot fire in the Lane Creek drainage.


This activity was anticipated due to the lack of cloud cover, warmer temperatures, and lower relative humidity.


There is no immediate threat to Highway 160, Wolf Creek Ski Area, South Fork, or Creede.


Information provided by public information officer for fire.