State EOC Continues to be Activated for Wildfires on June 13

The State Emergency Operations Centers is operational in support of the wildfires.  The State EOC is activated at a Level III.

Level III Activation

  • Partial Activation in support of a complex incident(s) or multiple jurisdictions which may have multiple operational periods. Incident involves average amounts of damage resulting in local disaster declarations requiring state assistance.
  • Office of Emergency Management Field Manager(s) are in contact with the impacted jurisdiction(s).
  • Division of Fire Prevention and Control Fire Management Officer(s) are in contact with impacted jurisdiction(s).
  • Partial Command Staff activated to include ESF-15 External Affairs.
  • State EOC Operations Section Chief and Operations Officer activated.
  • State EOC Plans Section Chief, Resource Unit and Situation Unit activated, other units such as GIS may be activated depending on incident.
  • Logistics Section Chief and Emergency Support Function (ESF) -7 Resource Management activated.
  • Notifications to affected ERC’s are made to maintain situational awareness.
  • Core ESF’s (1,4,7,8,13,14,15, National Guard) are alerted and activated either physically or virtually