Exercise- Operation Mountain Guardian 9/23/2011 in #Denver Metro Area

There is a training exercise for emergency personnel scheduled to occur on Friday, September 23, 2011 in numerous locations across the Denver Metro Area. 

Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise

September 23, 2011

Contact: Lynn Kimbrough at lmk@denverda.org 720.913.9025

Operation Mountain Guardian is a terrorism-based full-scale exercise sponsored by the North Central All-Hazards Emergency Management Region, Denver Urban Area Security Initiative, and Front Range Metropolitan Medical Response System.  The exercise is a Homeland Security Grant funded event made possible due to grant funding from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through FEMA Region VIII and the State of Colorado Governor’s Office of Homeland Security.

The exercise will involve first responders from approximately a hundred different agencies, will be conducted at ten separate locations and will include loud noises, simulated weapons, smoke, emergency vehicles and other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day. The exercise has been designed as a learning event for regional first responders to test their capabilities in a scenario that will involve a terrorist-driven catastrophic situation. The exercise is scheduled to begin at 5:00am and end by 4:30pm.

Exercise play will occur at Denver International Airport and the four primary sites:

  • Park Meadows Mall
  • Smedley Elementary School
  • Denver Union Station
  • Community College of Aurora (Lowry Campus)
Catholic Charities and Sports Authority Field at Mile High will participate in an administrative fashion to test student/teacher processing activities. Sky Ridge Medical Center, Denver Health Medical Center, and University of Colorado Hospital will participate for the purpose of testing medical surge capabilities and communicating within Incident Command.

For more information on affected bus routes please see the Regional Transportation District's news release

A Public Information Officer will be available at each primary location to coordinate safe access for media representatives and provide information.  A Denver Joint Information Center PIO will also be available at 720-865-7695. 

MEDIA: Please contact the Joint Information Center or on site PIO for inquiries related  to this exercise (not individual agencies). Media inquiries not associated with this event should continue to be directed to the appropriate agency.

NOTE: This is a training exercise for emergency personnel. To ensure the public's safety, as well as the safety of emergency personnel and all those with a specific role in this exercise, we respectfully ask that the public (non- participants in this exercise) distance themselves from all of the locations in the County in which the exercise is being conducted.

Advanced Incident Command System (ICS-400)

ICS-400 level training is targeted for command and general staff, agency administrators, department heads, emergency managers, area commanders and Multi-Agency Coordination System/Emergency Operations Center Managers.  Course topics include ICS fundamentals review for command and general staff, major and/or complex incident management, area command, and multi-agency coordination.  Course objectives include understanding how major incidents engender special management challenges, and understanding the circumstances in which an area command or multi-agency coordination systems are established.

Where:  Hasty/McClave Volunteer Fire Station
             124 S. Main
             Hasty, CO 81044

When:   November 5 & 6, 2011

Prerequisites:   ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-300, ICS-700 and ICS-800

Registration:   COTRAIN
                       Course ID: 1006001

Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS 300)

This 2-day course provides training on and resources for personnel who require advanced application of the Incident Command System (ICS).  The target audience for this course is individuals who may assume a supervisory role in expanding incidents or Type 3 incidents.  These incidents may extend into multiple operational periods.  This course expands upon information covered in the ICS-100 and ICS-200 courses.  This course will include but not be limited to: unified command, incident/event assessment and objective development, the ICS planning process, incident/event resource management, transfer of command and demobilization.

Where:  Ordway Fire & EMS Training Center
              611 E 9th St.
              Ordway, CO 81063

When:    October 8 & 9, 2011

Prerequisites:  IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command
                        IS-200 Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

Registration:  COTRAIN
                       Course ID: 1005860

Automated Critical Asset Management System (ACAMS) Training

The Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Automated Critical Asset Management System (ACAMS) is a secure web-based inventory, planning, and preparedness system, utilized to protect critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR).  The ACAMS program can assist emergency responders, in collaboration with CIKR stakeholders, with pre-incident planning to support more effective and efficient protective and response capabilities.  The ACAMS program is administered and managed by the Colorado Office of Preparedness and Security's (OPS) Critical Infrastructure Protection Team at no cost to the systems users. The course will be for three days.

Where:   Trinidad State Junior College
               Davis Room #203
               600 Prospect Trinidad
               Trinidad, Colorado 81082

When:    November 7-9, 2001

To register for one of the courses listed please complete the survey and email it to ciac@ciac.co.gov or fax it to 720-852-6758.

Please refer any questions or comments to Sgt. Darce Weil at darce.weil@cdps.state.co.us or (303) 239-4319.

Volunteer and Donations Management Course - 10/6/2011 - Centennial - G288

This class is a combination of understanding the role of volunteers (especially spontaneous volunteers) in a disaster and those of good volunteer management practices.  The class spends time addressing the special motivations and attributes of volunteer personnel.

The role of donations management is explored at length with current donations strategies and tools discussed.  The donations management function is often staffed by volunteers, so the class will discuss some ideas on how to work with volunteer teams and spontaneous volunteers in the donations function.

Where:    Colorado Division of Emergency Management
                State Emergency Operations Center
                9195 E. Mineral Ave. #200
                Centennial, CO 80112

Register: Registration will be through COTRAIN
                Course #1026686
                This course is first come, first served.  No charge.
Recommended Prerequisites:  NIMS IS 100, NIMS IS 700, NIMS IS 800
For more information contact:  Robyn Knappe, 720-852-6617