High Park Fire Update: June 14 at 12:14 PM (#HighParkFire)

Information from High Park Fire Public Information Officer.The following is a list of roads are closed due to wildfire:

· Roads in area South of CR74E are closed. Residents only are allowed. This includes areas south and east of McNay Hill, Hewlett Fulch Road, Deer Meadow Way, Gordon Creek Lane and all connecting roads in that area.

· Hwy 14 from Walden to Ted's Place

· CR 27 From Hwy 14 to Masonville

· CR 44h (Buckhorn Rd) from CR 27 west

· CR 52e (Rist Canyon Rd) Stove Prairie to Bellvue

· CR 25e and 54e (Redstone Canyon) HAVE REOPENED to the junction of CR27.

· Cr 38e from Masonville to Harmony Rd junction with Taft Hill Rd is open only to residents who have been issued reverse notification allowing them to return to their homes and have obtained the proper credentials through proof of residence and a photo identification.

· Cr 23 from Jct 38E to Lodgepole Rd.

Highway 287 is NOT closed