Colorado Emergency Managers: New Procedure Update

New Procedure for Reporting Wildland Fires and Requesting Assistance

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House Bill 12-1283 transfers the wildland fire prevention and suppression operations from Colorado State Forest Service to the Division of Fire Prevention and Control (“DFPC”), within the Colorado Department of Public Safety, effective July 1, 2012.

After June 30, 2012 the point of contact for counties to report wildland fires and/or request assistance with wildland fires, the Wildfire Emergency Response Fund, or for assistance with Emergency Fire Fund (EFF) analysis or designation for wildfire should call the State of Colorado Emergency Operations Line at 303-279-8855.

Upon request, the on-duty communications personnel of the Colorado Department of Public Safety will dispatch the closest available resource that is capable of providing rapid technical assistance and support to local agencies and facilitate the Emergency Fire Fund (EFF) assessment and application process.   In addition to providing technical assistance and support to local authorities, the individuals will be qualified to assist in the completion of severity assessments on wildfires and assisting in the identification of resource needs, developing assumption of duty forms, completing delegations of authority, negotiating and signing cost share agreements, and providing direction and oversight to assigned Incident Management Teams. 

While the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) will no longer be the point of contact or have responsibility and authority for wildfire in Colorado, the CSFS is committed to a seamless transition in order to ensure continuous and effective service to the county Sheriffs and other local authorities, as well as to the citizens of the State of Colorado.

Watch for more news concerning the Division of Fire Prevention and Control and its Wildland Fire Division in the coming days.

If you have any questions about the new procedure you can contact Interim Director Paul Cooke with the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control at 303-239-4600.  And, as always, you can contact your local Field Manager with the Office of Emergency Management for assistance and support.