High Park Fire Update: June 25 at 1 PM (#HighParkFire)

Information Update from High Park Fire Public Information Officers

The High Park Fire is estimated at 83,205 acres with 45 percent containment. The current cost of the fire to date is estimated at $29.6 million dollars. There are 2,037 fire personnel and that number will increase as additional resources arrive. In addition there are 13 Type 1 hand crews, 21 Type 2 hand crews, 170 engines, 12 dozers and 26 water tenders. Air Resources include 7 Type I helicopters, 3 Type II helicopters, 9 Type III helicopters, 5 heavy air tankers, 1 Type II helicopter with a radiometric imaging system attached and fixed wing support aircraft.

Monday firefighters will continue to strengthen the line on the north side of the fire. Firefighters will also monitor areas with structures and other areas throughout. Staffing will be heavy in the southwest portion. Reinforcing lines and mopping up areas will also take place. Crews continued to work throughout the night and had a good night working on mop up. 

Residents of Red Feather Lakes and Crystal Lakes are asked to use Cherokee Park Road (CR 80C) to access their residences as County Road 74E is closed at Mile Marker 1. However, residents can go south on Boy Scout Ranch Road to Hwy 14 and go west on Hwy 14.


·Portions of Redstone Canyon, Buckskin Heights and the Stringtown Gulch area are being evaluated for potential re-entry Monday evening. No details are available yet. Residents are encouraged to attend the 5 p.m. Citizens Briefing.
·The team is also evaluating Rist Canyon and Poudre Canyon. More information is expected in the next couple days, targeting Thursday depending on fire conditions.

Residents of some neighborhoods will need to provide identification with proof of address in order to receive credentials allowing them into the area. These credentials can be obtained at the road block. One form may be filled out to gain access for multiple vehicles, however, do not show up at road blocks expecting to gain access to property without proper identification.


PRE-evacuation notifications sent to residents along Colorado Highway 14 from the Pingree Park Road on 6/19, west to Glen Echo (mile marker 90), and north on CR69 to Goodell Corner. The pre-evacuation notice was issued in response to a new spot fire north of Highway 14 along the northwest fire perimeter. The Shoreline Drive area is also in a pre-evacuation.

Evacuation orders remain in place for the following areas:

-At 11:53 p.m. on 6/22 Fire officials issued PRE-evacuation orders for the Bonner Peak area, including the area from Springs Ranch Road on Hwy 287, north to CR76H, west to CR37, south to CR74E, south to CR74E and back east to Hwy 287. 

-At 7:43 p.m. on 6/22 Fire officials issued evacuation orders for residents along County Road 74E from Hewlett Gulch Road east to County Road 37. (6 contacts) -At 7:15 p.m. Fire officials issued an immediate evacuation along Highway 14 from Hewlett Rd and Wild River Rd, east on Hwy 14 to include Falls Creek Dr, all of Poudre Park, Wonderful Place, Ray Shoaf Lane and east to Manners Lane. This includes all homes addressed on the north and south sides of Hwy 14 between Hewlett Rd and Manners Ln. Evacuees are asked to go to Cache la Poudre Middle School and use 80c as the egress road. (159 contacts) 

-An evacuation order was issued at 2 p.m. on 6/22 for all of Glacier View, including Kelly Flats Road. This includes all residents of Glacier View filings 1-8, homes north of County Road 74E to include Green Mountain Dr, Mount Axtell Dr., Mount Moriah Rd., Mount Simon Dr., and all connecting roadways in that area. Residents should evacuate to the Cache la Poudre Middle School at 3515 West County Road 54G LaPorte, CO. (733 contacts) 

-Mandatory evacuation orders were issued on 6/17 for residents in the Hewlett Gulch subdivision area. The area runs from the Glacier View 9-12 filings (already evacuated) east to the Hewlett Gulch Trail, north to CR 74E and south to HWY 14. 

-An evacuation order for the 9th, 10th and 11th filings of Glacier View, to include the area west from Eiger Road to Rams Horn Mountain Road and north from the Mount Blanc Guardian Peak area to the north end of Mount Everest Drive, was issued. Evacuations were also ordered along Many Thunders Road and south into the 12th Filing of Glacier View. The road block is located at Eiger and Many Thunders Mountain Road. An additional roadblock is located at Green Mountain Drive at CR 74E. 

-Pingree Park Road, Hourglass and Comanche reservoirs, east on Buckhorn Road up to and including Pennock Pass, NE to junction with Stove Prairie and Hwy 14; West to junction with Highway 15 and Pingree Park Road

-County Road 44H (Buckhorn Road) from County Road 27 to Pennock Pass and residents to the south approximately 3/4 - 1 mile.

-Areas south and west of Bellvue to include the Lory State Park area, the Redstone Canyon area and Buckhorn Road up to the Stove Prairie School. 

-Poudre Canyon from MM111 to MM114 on Highway 14. (Stove Prairie to Hewlett Gulch Trail) 

-The area between CR 27E and Stove Prairie Road and south through the entire Rist Canyon area including Davis Ranch Road, Whale Rock Road. 

-South on County Road 44H 3 miles to just north of Stringtown Gulch Road, Paradise Park Road, Moose Horn Lane, Magic Lane and Spencer Mountain Road. 

-Old Flowers Road from Stove Prairie Road to the 8000-block of Old Flowers Road. 

-Stove Prairie Road north along County Road 27 to Highway 14, east along Highway 14 to approximately mile marker 111, southeast to Rist Canyon Fire Station 1, then back west to to include Wilderness Ridge Way, Rist Creek Road, Spring Valley Road and County Road 41 and all of the roads that run off it. 

- Otter Road off of CR 27 (Roadblock at 9533 Otter Road)

-Satanka Cove 

Note These Road Closures:

Red Feather Lakes Road (74E) is closed from 287 to Boy Scout Ranch Road (68C). Residents only can make it to MM1 on 74E. Residents of Red Feather Lakes can travel west by taking 68C to 69 and west on Hwy 14. Red Feather residents can travel east by taking 67J (Prairie Drive) north to 80C (Cherokee Park Rd). These are windy dirt roads and it should be noted that 82E is a jeep road.
Hwy 14 is open from Ted's place to 29C. Beyond 29C, Hwy 14 is open to King's Canyon Road for residents only. Hwy 14 is closed to everyone from King's Canyon Road to Gould.


North of the Poudre River line construction, reinforcement, holding, and structure protection are on-going in this area. Large, unburned interior islands continue to pose threats to homes on the interior of the fire. Hundreds of residences remain evacuated. The fire continues to spread southwest into steep, inaccessible areas with beetle killed timber.


A Red Flag Warning is in effect for Monday June 25, 2012 from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Although there was rain in the area, it did not reach the fire but there was higher humidity overnight.

Structures Damaged:

The total of homes destroyed to date is 248 which is an increase from the previous report of 191. The additional 57 homes lost were in the Glacier View/Hewlett Gulch area. Officials are informing homeowners about fire damage as that information becomes available and the priority will be getting this information to residents first. As more assessments are made and information becomes available, residents will be notified. Areas still evacuated are being evaluated to determine when residents may re-enter. Factors being considered before lifting an evacuation include fire activity, utility repair, emergency traffic in the area, and road hazards such as falling rocks and trees. Formal assessment of structures is a methodical process and will continue for at least a couple of weeks. Some areas are still inaccessible due to fire activity and road hazards.

Resident Information (Meetings, Evacuation Notices and Evacuation Lift Notices):

The Citizen Briefing will be at 5:00 p.m. today at the Cache La Poudre Middle School, 3515 W. CR54G in Laporte.

Other Fire Activity

The Halligan Fire is 24.5 acres and 80% contained. This fire is located on private property west of Hwy. 287 and north of County Road 80C. Fire crews from Larimer County Emergency Services, U.S. Forest Service and Livermore Fire were on scene yesterday until the lightning started. Efforts were resumed this morning with ground support.

Road Closure Information:

Larimer County Sheriff's Office now has a webpage dedicated to road closures due to the High Park Fire. Visit the link http://larimersheriff.org/site-page/high-park-fire-road-information for more information.

Photo and Video Links:

Photos and Video from the National Guard of the High Park Fire are available at the following sites:

Additional Information/Resources:

The High Park Fire Disaster Recovery Center is open on the Colorado State University Campus at Johnson Hall. The center is open Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Parking is free for victims on the south side of the administration building. For more information, please visit their website at http://www.safety.colostate.edu.

Public information is available at the Larimer County Emergency Information line at 970-498-5500 where information officers are answering the phone during the day and evening, and at www.larimer.org or on Twitter @ larimersheriff or Inciweb at www.inciweb.org/incident/2904/.

Find out if your loved ones are safe here (United Way Safe and Well Registry):

For the latest updated map of the High Park Fire, check out this link:http://www.larimer.org/highparkfire/highpark_0623_2239.pdf

Residents are reminded to receive emergency notifications on cell phones or email and should visit the website at www.leta911.org.

For Public Health Advisories regarding wildfires, see "Wildfires and Your Health" at http://www.larimer.org/health/

The Rist Canyon, Glacier View and Poudre Canyon Volunteer Fire Departments are looking for donations to help defray the costs of firefighters assigned to the High Park Fire. To make a donation, please visit their websites at:

Glacier View Fire -www.glacierviewfiredept.com

Rist Canyon Fire - www.rcvfd.org

Poudre Canyon Fire -www.poudrecanyonfpd.org (Website is temporarily unavailable.) Contributions may be made to Cache La Poudre Fire & Emergency Group, P.O. Box 952, Laporte, CO 80535