High Park Fire - All clear for Poudre Park & 2:30 media briefing

All Clear for Poudre Park Residents:
Fire officials have issued an all-clear for residents living from Poudre Park east along Hwy 14 to Gateway Park. Residents receiving this message may return home after noon today, June 21st. Residents will need to obtain credentials at the checkpoint on Hwy 14 and County Rd 29C or at The Ranch by showing proper identification in order to access the area.  A mandatory meeting will be held at the Poudre Park Community Center, 10000 W Hwy 14 at 7pm tonight. Please use caution driving to this area, as firefighters are still in the area. (164 notifications sent).

There will be a media briefing with the United States Forest Service Undersecretary of Agriculture, Harris Sherman, at 2:30 p.m. today at the Fort Collins Armory, 3324 West Laporte.  This will be followed immediately by a 3:30 (note time change) regular media briefing at the same location.