Elbert County Tornado Update: Disaster Recovery Information

Last Wednesday an F2 tornado touched down in Elbert County leaving 142 total structures damaged, with 81 minor, 49 moderate, and 6 severe. One home completely destroyed.

Due tot he nature of damage, Elbert County has decided that a full scale disaster recovery center would not be practical. Instead they are going to hold a Town Hall meeting in Simla to explain assistance available and repair processes to attendees. 

The information has been  put on the Elbert County web site for a "virtual" Disaster Recovery Center.

The meeting will be Wednesday,  June 13 at 6:00 p.m. at the Big Sandy School in Simla. The address is 619 Pueblo Avenue  Simla, CO 80835.

All of the Elbert County staff functions will be represented, the Board of County Commissioners, the District Fire Chief along with a few select members of the State Recovery Task Force.