Job Announcement: Office of Preparedness Training Specialist

The Office of Preparedness is seeking a training specialist. The position closes on December 6, 2013 at 5 p.m. The position announcement and application information are posted on the state employment website.

Position Duties Include:

  • Provides rural training support through local capacity building, effective education, outreach and gap analyses specific to rural areas, evaluating efficiency and effectiveness in rural areas, review of course content for accuracy as well as relevancy, creating resources and educational tools to support training & exercise planning workshops as necessary in rural areas; conduct training needs assessments, schedule courses, advertise courses, manage applications and the enrollment process, coordinate instructors, instruction materials, and provide facility and lodging logistics to ensure a positive learning experience and repeat attendance of both state and federal training programs.
  • Develops effective marketing strategies as well as the development of state, local, federal, and tribal partnerships.
  • Works with the Training and Exercise Section to develop and implement policies and procedures to enhance customer service and service delivery to state and local government. Advises Training and Exercise Team in integration of EMI with NDPC and other all-hazards and Homeland Security training and exercise objectives. Develops cost-effective strategies to draw necessary training to rural areas; represent rural interests in development of online and distance learning strategies; ensures course delivery and logistics align with rural needs.
  • Provides guidance to the Southwest, San Luis Valley and West All-Hazards Regions by conducting training gap analyses as necessary to enhance service delivery and enhance local and state capabilities to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond and recover from an all-hazards incident. In cooperation with the all-hazards regions and state agencies, identifies gaps in training following exercises or actual events and recommend corrective action to close the gaps. Assists in annual state training and exercise planning workshop (TEPW). Integrates technology where appropriate to enhance learning and promote greater access to state training. Facilitate the registration process of state-sponsored course deliveries using the CO-Train portal. Coordinates delivery and record-keeping of National Incident Management System (NIMS) training courses delivered to state and local government to ensure NIMS compliance. Provides guidance in the development of a system for assessing instructor performance.
  • Serves as the DHSEM Point of Contact with the Incident Management Teams that operate out of Colorado and the State and Regional Wildland Fire/Incident Management Academies; ensures alignment of information as it impacts cross-agency training and exercises.
  • Assists state incident management teams in coordinating team exercises, when requested. Identifies and promotes shadowing opportunities for incident management team personnel in need of incident experience.
  • When requested develops position-specific training plans for IMT personnel; coordinate out of state travel for IMT personnel in Colorado; coordinate delivery of IMT conferences or workshops; provide IMT support during activation to better discern team needs and gaps; assist IMT's with after action reviews and development of corrective action plans using HSEEP criteria;
  • Develops and administers the Division personal training plan program.
  • Responds as needed during times of National, State, Regional or locally declared emergencies where a request has been received by the DHSEM to provide disaster response services.
  • This position may be required to report to the State Emergency Operations Center or another state or local jurisdiction to respond to local jurisdictions’ requests for resources and disaster-related support.