Larimer County Flood Update: September 19 at 1 PM

Information from Larimer County Sheriff's Office

Targeted rescues continued yesterday and a total of 28 people were rescued and brought to the Timberline Church evacuation center. Rescue operations remain a top priority; however, we are beginning a slow transition into the assessment/recovery mode for long term planning. A cold front dropped into the area last night, bringing lower temperatures, rain and a chance for afternoon thunderstorms. The additional rain that fell overnight and during the early morning hours did not cause any additional flooding issues.


There are 15 helicopters flying missions today to help with rescue operations.

At this time we are estimating that approximately 120 people in Storm Mountain Area and another 73 people in Pinewood Springs have chosen to shelter in place and remain in their homes. We are still working on compiling an exact list of how many residents are choosing to shelter in place and making sure they are aware of the ramifications of their choice to stay behind.

Sheriff Justin Smith personally flew into the Storm Mountain area to meet with residents choosing to shelter in place and answer questions yesterday. He plans to go to Pinewood Springs today and meet with residents there.

Total number of rescued as of Thursday morning, September 19th is 1,183 people.

The number of unaccounted people is now 139.

There are three confirmed reports of missing/presumed dead with the addition of a 46-year-old Drake man whose home was washed away. The two prior reports were of a 60-year-old woman and an 80-year old woman from Cedar Cove who also had homes washed away.

A reminder to citizens: IT IS ILLEGAL to circumvent roadblocks, barricades or police tape either by bypassing them, moving them or using alternate routes to get into the area. This applies to walking, biking or driving. Roads are not safe even if they appear to be. It is dangerous to be on closed roads and bridges. Violators will be ticketed.

The Larimer County Landfill is now accepting flood debris and waste from the recent flooding events. For details on costs please refer to the website

The Larimer County Humane Society is compiling a list of residents who have needs for animal rescue in evacuated areas. Anyone with questions can call 970-226-3647, option #7.

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