Contractors Desiring to Do Business in the Flood Impacted Areas

Businesses desiring to contract with the State of Colorado

  • Please register your business with Connect Colorado- this is the State’s resource management database that is used during disasters:
  • It is recommended that you register your business with the State of Colorado, Colorado BIDS: 
  • Additional resources for contractors doing business with the State of Colorado can be found at:
  • The Colorado Emergency Preparedness Partnership (CEPP) assists the Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management with connecting requests from the Division to businesses able to provide the specific resource that is needed in the community. Please join CEPP to stay informed on these requests: 

Businesses desiring to contract directly with individuals impacted by the disaster:

  • Please be aware that our citizens have been severely traumatized by this disaster so we urge business owners to approach those who have been impacted with both professionalism and compassion. 
  • The State cannot endorse businesses. We will encourage individuals impacted by the disaster to do research to vet potential contractors by checking with the Better Business Bureau or their local Chamber of Commerce.

Businesses wanting to contract directly with impacted Counties:

  • Every County has its own process so please contact the Counties directly to inquire what their process is.

Businesses wanting to contract directly with FEMA