State launches website for disaster recovery

Gov. John Hickenlooper today announced a new website that will serve as a comprehensive one-stop location for information about recovery efforts related to the historic flooding in Colorado last month.

The website,, includes the latest recovery news, current information about impacted areas and how to get help. There is also a place where the public can contact the Recovery Office through a simple form that will be reviewed and responded to within 24 hours.

“All of Colorado is united in helping communities impacted by flooding recovery,” Hickenlooper said. “This website puts important information all in one place and will serve as a resource for people and businesses that are rebuilding. The site will also include the latest updates about recovery efforts and give people a way ask questions and get help quickly.”

The name ColoradoUnited was chosen to illustrate how communities in and out of the flooded areas are coming together to help recovery efforts and are united in making Colorado better and stronger after the disaster.

Visitors to the new website will find an interactive Google map that includes information about road closures, shelters, weather conditions and current traffic flow. The site also includes embedded links to traffic cams and dozens of pictures taken by the Civil Air Patrol.

A “Get Help” part of the website includes information about temporary housing, financial and insurance assistance, medicine and counseling, legal assistance, rebuilding houses, businesses and farmers, and disaster unemployment assistance.

Another section about “Home Safety” includes tips for returning home safely to engage in cleanup and rebuilding. There are other resources for water and food safety, clearing debris and sanitation and winterizing homes.

The website was created by the Governor’s Office of Information Technology in partnership with, a Denver-based personal network between local friends to share recommendations and build community support.

About ColoradoUnited

Gov. John Hickenlooper appointed Jerre Stead, executive chairman of Englewood-based IHS Inc., to be the state’s Chief Recovery Officer. The Recovery Team is working to make Colorado more innovative, safer and resilient in its infrastructure, individuals, economy, community, ecosystem and environment. The recovery effort is guided by ensuring health and safety as a priority, responding to all “asks for help”, being transparent and open in communication, planning for winter, containing costs and demonstrating fiscal responsibility. Go to for more information.