DHSEM Hiring a Mitigation Specialist

There is a new Open Competitive job announcement that has been posted with the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. This is a General Professional III, working title, Mitigation Specialist. The deadline to apply is by 5 p.m. October 31st.  View the application process and job duties:
Mitigation Specialist GP III DHSEM

Position duties

This position is responsible for assisting local governments and state agencies with developing grant applications for plans and non-construction activities, identify hazards and impacts, facilitate local plan development and process when necessary, facilitate meetings and briefings, identify public, private and non-profit partnerships.

Conduct assigned state plan update activities; review, evaluate and comment on local mitigation plans for compliance with FEMA requirements and assist communities with getting plans adopted. Assist the communities with post disaster planning.

Responsible to work on the state hazard mitigation plan, including but not limited to incorporating plans like Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), flood plans, and multi-hazard mitigation plans into the state plan.

Conduct briefings and support the state mitigation/ recovery team through activities as assigned.

Assist the communities with construction project application development for funding; administer grants; and monitor projects. Identify issues with project management, schedules, cost reimbursement request. Conduct on site visits to include preparing the communities with for federal site visits and audits.

Conduct training and workshops as it relates to planning, projects, and training as it relates to response, recovery and mitigation.

Conduct applicant briefings and stay active in the pre and post disasters.

This position includes the possibility of serving as 24/7 duty officer and may include working extended hours outside of normal work schedule.