DHSEM Update: October 25

Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management:  October 25

Included in today's update:

  • How to Verify Authorized Insurance Agents from Divison of Insurance
  • Eagle County Emergency Operations Center
  • FEMA Releases the NIMS Intelligence/Investigations Function Guidance and Field Operations Guide
  • FEMA Releases Proposed Tribal Consultation Policy for Comments
  • Job, Internship and Volunteer Opportunities
    • DHSEM Mitigation Specialist
    • CU Denver Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
    • Volunteers Needed for Heritage Eagle Bend Exercise
    • Job Posted for Littleton Fire Chief
  • Educational Resources
    • National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day
    • Robots - Continuing to Revolutionize the Disaster Space
    • Wildfire Resources
    • How Faith BAsed Organizations Can Partner with Government Following a Crisis in the Denver Community
  • Flood Information
  • Training Information