DHSEM and State EOC Monitor Wildfire Statewide

July 11 Update

State EOC Daily Objectives

  1. Establish and maintain situational awareness by staying in contact with local jurisdictions and other response agencies.
  2. Be prepared to provide resources to local jurisdictions upon request through proper process in an effort to conduct a coordinated State-level response.
  3. Ensure all resource request documentation is accurate, complete, and understandable.
  4. Assist in the development and coordination of State-level messaging and provide support to local Joint Information Centers, as necessary.
  5. Monitor weather conditions across the State / FEMA Region.
  6. Be prepared to initiate State-level response for incidents or events outside of impacted areas.

Current Wildfires

  • Cold Springs Fire (Boulder County) 606 Acres, 0% Containment
  • Hayden Pass Fire (Fremont County) 5,100 Acres, 0% Containment
  • Beaver Creek Fire (Jackson County) 18,787 Acres, 5% Containment
  • Lodgepole Fire (Lake County) 34 Acres, 90% Containment

Information Sources for Wildfires