DHSEM Creates Subrecipient Grant Monitoring Program

As a pass through entity of federal grants, the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) is required to ensure that its subrecipients comply with the Federaladministrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements as prescribed in 2 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 200 and the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) CircularsWe are pleased to announce that DHSEM has launched a new division-wide subrecipient monitoring initiative to streamline the monitoring process to:

• Comply with changes for the new Uniform Grant Guidance (Title 2 – Code of Federal Regulations)
• Adopt and implement the federal 2 CFR 200 risk assessment requirements for monitoring 
• Standardize the monitoring process across all grant programs managed by DHSEM
• Minimize the number of monitoring visits you receive annually from DHSEM
• Utilize an independent monitoring team in place of program managers to conduct on-site monitoring visits
• Consolidate the review of single audit results for all DHSEM subrecipients 
• Assist your organization with compliance related to the requirements of your Federal Awards


DHSEM has established a Subrecipient Monitoring (SRM) Team to accomplish this goal. The SRM Team manages the review of single audit results and performs on-site monitoring (Site Visits) to review compliance with the Federal 2 CFR / OMB Circularadministrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements of your grants. DHSEM will only monitor a sample of subrecipients (based upon the annual risk assessmenton an annual basis and we will contact you directly if your organization is selected for an on-site monitoring visit. 

Additionally, DHSEM Program Managers, Grant Analysts, and/or Regional Field Managers may contact your organization to perform the following grant tasks:

• Technical assistance – Providing guidance on technical grant requirements
• Eligibility reviews – Review of eligibility of expenditures submitted
• Grant management – Overall grant administration, RFR review, quarterly reporting
• Training  - Providing training on grant management
• Tiger teams – On site assistance with expense submission
• Applicant assistance support – Assistance with use of programs and forms
• In-person visit – Face to face meetings between subrecipientsand DHSEM personnel
• Site inspection – Closeout process for closing out project sites


We hope that this new initiative will increase and enhance our working relations to keep Colorado safe.

Please contact Ezzie.Michaels@state.co.us. with questions.