Prowers County Press Release

Information released by Lamar Fire & Ambulance for Prowers County at 9:00 a.m.on April 27, 2012

At about 2:30 a.m., Friday morning, Prowers County was hit by a severe storm.  Prowers County residents experienced heavy wind, rain and thunder.  A large and fast moving tornado was spotted by Sheriff's Deputies and Colorado State Patrol troopers approximately eight miles south of Lamar near Highway 287.

The tornado moved northeast passing near Lamar where it destroyed two homes just east of Lamar.  the tornado continued northbound where it destroyed two more homes located approximately three miles east and one mile north of Lamar.  In addition to the homes, a power substation, several power poles and fences were damaged or destroyed. 

At least two people received minor injuries and were treated and released from Prowers Medical Center.  All of Lamar and most of Prowers County are without power and are expected to be without power for the next 6-24 hours.

Lamar Fire &  Ambulance is the Public Information contact for Prowers County.  Their contact number is 719-336-4321.

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