Job Announcement - FEMA Regional Disability Integration Specialist - Denver, CO

In addition to the job announcement searching for FEMA External Affairs (Stakeholder) Specialist to work on developing private sector relationships, FEMA is also currently recruiting for Regional Disability Specialists at the GS 12 level for each of the FEMA Regions, including Region VIII - Denver.  According to FEMA, these positions are "located in the office of the Regional Administrator for their respective regions and work closely with the Office of Disability Integration and Coordination (ODIC) to prepare individuals and families strengthening communities before, during and after a disaster by providing guidance, tools, methods, and strategies to integrate and coordinate emergency management efforts to meet the needs of all citizens, including children and adults with disabilities and others with access and functional needs."

For more on this position with Region 8, check out the FEMA Region VIII Regional Disability Specialist announcement on or view the search results on for links to all of the Regional announcements.

All of the announcements close within the next few weeks so get your materials together, submit and join a great team doing amazing, tangible and meaningful work!