Course Announcement - Hazmat Air Monitoring - 9/21-23 - Loveland, CO

The Colorado Division of Fire Safety and Signet North America are hosting a Hazmat Air Monitoring course at the Loveland Fire Training Center from September 21-23, 2010, from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

To register, call (303) 239-4600

This course is geared towards emergency response personnel who wish to acquire working knowledge and skills related to the use of and interpretation of information provided by hazardous materials air monitoring equipment. Upon completion of the course, the student will possess skills and competencies in making decisions as to selection, equip-ment limitations, interpretation of data, and sample collection for lab analysis. This class includes hands-on field exercises using skills and knowledge obtained in this course. Students will work in small groups to ensure maximum involvement and participation in the class. The experience will heavily involve live application of the material learned during this exciting 16-Hour course.

The goal of this experience is to ensure that personnel will better understand the capabilities and limitations of hazardous materials air monitoring equipment and selection resources, as well as the selection and use of different devices, interpretation of data from these devices, and field sample collections for further analysis. To that end, this experience will address standards found in the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Hazardous Materials Emergency Responder Training Level (1910.120(q)(6) as well as standards related to air monitoring found in NFPA 472. It will also address Colorado Division of Fire Safety Hazardous Materials Operations JPR #2 and #5 as well as Hazardous Materials Technician JPR #4b, #4c, #9a, and #9b.

Attendees are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO BRING THEIR OWN AGENCY’S MONITORING EQUIPMENT to allow for maximum immediate and long-term benefits of this experience.