DEM Exercise Training Officer Update - Operation Nevergreen and the Oct IEMC Exercise

The State Exercise Training Officer (ETO), Tony Reidell, is currently conducting a "Roll-up" of two recent efforts.  The first of which is the After Action Report (AAR) for the Wildfire Exercise, Operation Nevergreen, which was conducted in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) on the 18th of August.  Related to that exercise but considered a separate effort, is the formalization and first field testing of SEOC Position Specific (Job Books) Checklists.  External Evaluators for the exercise were provided by state and local agencies with many staff assignments within the SEOC being rotated to secondary and alternate positions.  This injected fresh eyes and clear minds into the equation.  The information retrieved was excellent and a larger vetting of these Checklists is currently underway.

Over the next thirty days major emphasis of the ETO will be focused on three upcoming projects.  The largest and most eminent of these being the, October 19th thru 22nd, IEMC (Integrated Emergency Management Course) Tornado Exercise.  The IEMC Team is fielded by the National Emergency Management Institute (EMI) at Emmitsburg, Maryland, and will provide a high charged training and exercise opportunity for up to 175 local, regional and state level Emergency Managers and supporting staffer.  We will be looking for volunteers, participants and player in all capacities to maximize this unique presentation.  If you are interested in participating/supporting the exercise, contact Tony Reidell.

Following the IEMC focus will shift to another first in Colorado, a two part series of State Level Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) events.  DEM is currently working with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to development this time product.  As has been seen most recently, the vulnerability of our food chain and stock production is very real.

Finally, Blizzard Exercise design has begun.  As August draws to a close we came to the realization that, in a mere matter of days, winter and the potential of early Rocky Mountain snows are just around the corner.  While we as a state have plenty of experience in this area, we continue to find grounds for improvement and refinement, in both Response and Recovery.  As with each of the scenarios DEM presents in its exercise agenda, we continue to look for meaningful ways to expand the involvement of our partners and allied agencies.  Suggestions for exercise injects as well as volunteers are always welcome.