Colorado Instructor Historical Recognition Program

The State of Colorado All-Hazards Incident Command Position-Specific Historical Recognition working group is looking to recruit and recognize qualified instructors to add to the State and National Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute (EMI) instructor cadre.

Federal training criteria was established and went into effect on September 14, 2009 and is only allowable until September 30, 2010. This program allows for instructor historical information to be reviewed ensuring all aspects of the instructor quality are being evaluated. As a result of the Federal training requirements, the State of Colorado developed the All-Hazards Incident Command Position-Specific Historical Recognition Working Group.  The main focus of this work group it to evaluate the historical documentation, training, qualifications, experience and instructor skill sets, for applicants who are interested in teaching the FEMA All Hazards ICS Position Specific classes within the state of Colorado.  There are two levels of instruction; Lead Instructor and Support/Unit Leader.

Incident Command System (ICS) Position-Specific (PS) training is designed to provide all-hazards competencies and behaviors for the eight Command and General Staff positions and select unit leader positions.  The competencies, and experience in the training, for which the instructor will be reviewed, are focused around the ability of the instructor to relay to the student the position responsibilities, ability to lead assigned personnel, communicate effectively, and to ensure the completion of assigned tasks to meet identified objectives for the position.

The State of Colorado All-Hazards Incident Command Position-Specific Historical Recognition Working Group will evaluate the instructor historical documentation in concert with State Training Officer for the Colorado Division of Emergency Management. and make decisions on the quality and ability to represent the State of Colorado.

All-Hazard Incident Commander (L-951)
All-Hazards Public Information Office (L-953)
All-Hazards Safety Officer (L-957)
All-Hazards Operations Section Chief (L-958)
Division/Group Supervisor
All-Hazards Planning Section Chief (L-962)
-Situation Unit Leader
-Resource Unit Leader   
All-Hazards Logistics Section Chief (L-963)
-Supply Unit Leader
-Facilities Unit Leader
-Communications Leader
All-Hazards Finance/Administration (L-974)
-Finance/Admin Unit Leader
All-Hazards Liaison Officer (L-956)

Instructors interested in completing the Historical Recognition documentation packet should contact the State of Colorado Training Coordinator Robyn Knappe at