Denver UASI: Shared Strategies for Homeland Security Video

Launched yesterday, the Denver Urban Area Security Initiative rolled out a new Shared Strategies Blog to provide information, video interviews and support for the upcoming Shared Strategies for Homeland Security Conference planned for December 13-16, 2010 in Denver, CO.  The Shared Strategies Blog will be the place where detailed information regarding each of the business and critical infrastructure, first responder, medical and health, and community resiliency will be posted.

We at the Division are actively supporting the planning and input for the Conference.  We are doing so because of the new ground our partners at Denver UASI are seeking to break.  Departing from the norm of program management, grant administration and organizational issues discussions, this conference will focus solely on subject-matter exchange of ideas, strategies and solutions to mutual homeland security challenges.  By gathering bomb techs, SWAT, emergency medical personnel, fire and law officers, civilian volunteers and private sector representatives in one spot with no other focus, the goal is to mold a common response approach that balances each disciplines unique considerations and priorities in response to human-initiated or other disasters.

For conference registration, grant funding info to attend or for other questions regarding the conference, go to the Shared Strategies Conference site or contact Jennifer Steck at

One of the more fascinating aspects of this first-run effort has been Denver UASI's initiative to go to where the expertise overseas exists in blending these disciplines together in a unified response to real events and bringing it home to Denver for this training.  Interested?  Take a look at the quick Conference video where Denver UASI got impressions from local Denver bomb techs, fire, law and health officials on what they are looking forward to in terms of sharing strategies.

You can also find additional information regarding the conference on the Denver UASI Twitter Feed and the Shared Strategies Conference Facebook Page.