State EOC Remains Activated to Support Sunshine Fire

The State EOC reactivated on March 20, 2017 at 8 a.m. in support of the Sunshine Fire in Boulder County.  The State EOC is operating at a Level III will DHSEM staff working in the facility and remotely to for incident resource requests and support.  The DHSEM Director received a verbal authorization to use the Colorado National Guard for the fires before 5 a.m.  The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control Director authorized Emergency Fire Funding for the incident this morning.

Information Sources

Boulder County

State Sites

Donation and Volunteer Information

Please visit for information on how to support those impacted by the fire.  Keep in mind that they best type of donation is cash so that it can be used to meet the immediate needs of fire survivors.  Additional information is shared on the site as well as verified agencies supporting the Sunshine Fire.

Public Information Map

This map is for public information purposes only.  It contains the fire perimeter provided by the State's Multi-Mission Aircraft as well as other points shared by the local jurisdiction including open shelters.