Apply Today for the 2017 Colorado Emergency Management Academy

Academy Dates

The program begins April 11, 2017 and runs through October 19, 2017.

Academy Location

The Emergency Management Academy and all resident courses are held at the State Emergency Operations Center in Centennial, Colorado.

Academy Lodging

Lodging is provided by DHSEM for program attendees who live more than 50 miles from the course venue.
Academy Cost

There are no costs or fees for participating in the Emergency Management Academy. Students are responsible for their own meals.

Academy Application

An application must be submitted in March 1, 2017 and the participants are then notified by DHSEM.
Academy Courses

The 2017 Emergency Management Academy Schedule offers an example of the courses completed during the academy.


Introductions and Course Expectations
Emergency Management Program Overview
Basics for an Emergency Manager
Emergency Management Program Guide
S-2001 Threat Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (THIRA)
WebEOC Account Setup and Introduction


G-235 Emergency Planning
Whole Community Plans
Plan Adoption Process
Emergency Operation Plan Development


G0557 (Community Profile Development) and Rapid Needs Assessment
Alert and Warning
G-358 Evacuation & Re-Entry Planning


G-108 Mass Care
G-288 Volunteer and Donations Management
S-IDA Initial Damage Assessment Process Discussion


G-775 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Operations
S-703 Local Resource Ordering


G-205 Recovery from Disaster for Local Governments Role
G-318 Mitigation Planning for Local Government


G-191 Incident Command System (ICS)/ Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Interface
Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Exercise