Disaster Declaration Signed by Governor for Wetmore Fire: Oct. 24

Gov. Hickenlooper signs Executive Order for Wetmore Fire

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a disaster declaration today for a wildfire burning in Custer County. The Executive Order makes resources available to pay for fire suppression, response and recovery effort related to the Wetmore Fire.

“On Oct. 23, the Division of Fire Prevention and Control received a request for assistance from the Custer County Sheriff for a wildfire burning near the town of Wetmore. At the time of the request the fire was threatening approximately 350 homes in and around the Town of Wetmore and mandatory evacuations were in progress. In addition to the homes and businesses, the fire is also threatening roads, utilities and a watershed in the area,” the Executive Order states.  
Disaster declarations authorize the transfer of any funds in the state budget to the Disaster Emergency Fund, which is not funded unless money is needed. State law does not allow people who have lost homes or property in the fire to seek reimbursement from these disaster funds.

Verbal authority for the Executive Order was given Tuesday. The governor formally signed the order today. The order is attached to this press release.