Colorado Winter Weather Awareness Week October 21-27

WHEREAS, Colorado has experienced the physical and emotional consequences - suffering and damages to property and loss of life - caused by severe winter weather; and

WHEREAS, avalanches in Colorado have claimed the lives of hundreds of individuals over the past several decades - more than in any other state; and

WHEREAS, the leading causes of death associated with winter weather are hypothermia, exhaustion, and automobile accidents; and

WHEREAS, emergency preparedness is a responsibility of government that depends on the leadership of elected officials and the efforts of informed citizens, volunteers, and government employees; and

WHEREAS, experience has demonstrated that an informed and prepared citizenry and organized disaster emergency team can help the public to better cope with and survive the effects of severe winter weather;

 Therefore, I, John W. Hickenlooper, Governor of the State of Colorado, do hereby proclaim October 21-27, 2012,


in the State of Colorado.