Emergency Management Guide for Local Officials

So, we are working through a rework of the Division's Emergency Management Guide for Local Officials, previously called the "Colorado Disaster Emergency Procedures Handbook for Local Governments" (see pdf below). Most of the rewrite is to reorganize and streamline the document to make it more user-friendly and manage contact updates, style changes, and minor tweaks to text.  We are looking to add a few new sections and to make the document more of a "guide" for local officials.  For example, we will be including a breakout explanation of the Emergency Support Functions (ESF) within an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). We are also looking to add a better flow diagram/explanation of the disaster declaration process, local government responsibilities and the state declaration process.

So, while we have ideas of changes we would like to make, we wanted to re-circulate the current version and see what information you might want to include so take a look, grab your red pen(s) and pitch in! You can either use the comment section on this post or send an email directly to Rose Lynch (rose.lynch@state.co.us) or Brandon Williams (brandon.williams@state.co.us) here at DEM.

Look forward to any comments you might have!