Chile Earthquake/Hawaii Tsunami - February 27, 2010

For information regarding US citizens and others affected by the earthquake in Chile - from the U.S. State Dept - go to the

Also, while Colorado is not at risk for tsunamis, like Hawaii, we face a similar challenge in exchanging emergency information for disparate groups - residents/citizens, second homeowner populations, and a significant tourist industry.  Our partners at the State of Hawaii Civil Defense Agency are posting information on their site at  Like all emergency response entities,, we are always in search of new ways to share info, communicate emergency warnings and safety messages and help us pull together to prepare for and get through disasters.  In that spirit, we encourage you to check out and participate in a Facebook effort that has been created to help circulate information around the Hawaii Tsunami - February 27, 2010 -!/group.php?gid=326149844022&ref=nf

Many Coloradoans spend time in Hawaii and we hope this page provides relevant contacts and connection information.