CDOT Rolls Out Email/Mobile Alerts

Always on the leading edge of information coordination and provision, our partners at the Colorado Department of Transportation have launched another coordination tool that expands the update options users have regarding road conditions around Colorado. If you live or travel around Colorado, you are probably already familiar with their easy-to-use site at COTRIP - - or their beta info site at ColoradoDOT -

Now, on the ColoradoDOT site, you can also sign up for mobile alert or email updates.  If you go to the site and click on the top right-hand side phone icon, you will be taken to the registration page.  Of course, to stay up with the latest developments, too, check out the Department of Transportation's Twitter Feed at and you can see PSAs and inside views of CDOT operations on their YouTube site at

So check out what CDOT is doing online.  They have some really creative and innovative efforts underway to keep us informed and safe.