DEM Job Announcement - Mitigation Team Supervisor

We are looking to hire a Team Supervisor for DEM's Mitigation Office, located in Centennial, CO in the Denver Metro Area.

From the announcement:  The Mitigation Team Supervisor supervises the State's hazard mitigation planning team, which consists of three positions with analysis, assessment, planning and grant administration duties.  The position performs research and develops draft technical and risk assessment documents and benefit/cost analysis methodology papers.  The team supervisor will also create maps and use GIS software and other tools, including statistical analysis and probability tools to determine risks, probability of occurrence, depict project locations, determine lat/long coordinates, etc.

Ok... now... technical descriptions of duties aside, the mitigation office manages projects that make a real difference in enhancing safety for Colorado residents, local governments, and businesses. Most importantly, the position in our mitigation office joins and leads a very cool group of dedicated people.

When we think of emergency management, we have a tendency to focus on the initial point when damage is caused, such as in a tornado, a flood or a wildfire and the push and the flurry of activities by emergency responders.  The truth, though, that mitigation is - and should be - at the core of emergency management efforts.  Preparedness, mitigation, these are the efforts that have the largest impact on keeping emergencies from being the worst-case scenario.  We must be able to respond, of course, to emergencies but in many instances the adverse impact of those emergencies on life and property can be mitigated.  This is an area where your efforts can have a direct impact on improving our quality of life.

The State's mitigation office does this by providing project input, guidance, and coordinating grant activities to accomplish specific projects with local governments and entities designed to lessen the threat posed to communities by known hazards.  From wildfire mitigation and improving wildland urban interface areas in our communities to water detention and channeling projects to guard against flooding, the Division's mitigation projects are real, tangible and the core of making our communities safer.

Make a real difference?  Work with a cool team?  Check it out the official announcement

If you have any questions, contact Susie Esparza in our HR office at or at (303) 866-5884.