READYColorado - "Resolve to be Ready" Campaign Materials

Over the new year holiday, the national Ready America program ( conducted a "Resolve to be Ready" campaign to encourage citizens and businesses to join in making resolutions to prepare for emergencies.

While the materials have been removed from the site, READYColorado is still making them available here.  The materials are worth checking out.  There are some great tools that for outreach campaigns that can be used to apply to future campaigns you might be considering.  For example, the Resolve to Be Ready Toolkit is a great guide that contains ideas for utilizing new media, some press release and email campaign templates easily applied to any emergency preparedness campaign.  Too, the Toolkit contains a media pitch template and even contains some other "evergreen" materials like emergency preparedness quizzes and thoughts on how to maintain preparedness outreach campaigns throughout the year.  The toolkits and associated materials are posted on the READYColorado site in both English and Spanish, too.

So, check out the READYColorado Campaign Materials site and help spread the message!!!