Initiative is the Key to Preparedness.. Good Job, Tristen!

I wanted to pass along the work of a student, Tristen, who approached us here at the State for assistance in developing a series of safety videos as a part of his community service project for his school's International Baccalaureate program.

In short, the community service project was assigned with the object for students to “leave a footprint” in a subject area in which they have a personal interest.  Tristen's personal interest is in emergency management and sought us out at the State to serve as mentors to him for the project.  Over a seven-month effort, with the assistance of the mentors, students have to establish goals and milestones and generate deliverables.  Tristen came up with the idea of researching, writing, shooting and producing a series of videos on emergency management issues specific to Colorado-based hazards, including: cold weather safety, car safety kit, home water pipe/gas pipeline safety, general home safety, campfire safety, flood safety safety, lightning safety.

Thus far, Tristen has knocked out both cold weather and car safety videos (linked below). 

Cold Weather Prep -
Emergency Car Kit -

I got to view them this past weekend and thought I would pass them on. While the videos are great, it is the initiative that Tristen is demonstrating with this project that we at the State are most impressed! Personal accountability, initiative and helping your own community and peers by taking the responsibility on to pitch in to educate and spread the message is core to being prepared for the next disaster!

I look forward to the next series of videos and will pass those along, too. If you know of a unique effort that you want to share, let me know, I would love to pass it along, too! Just shoot me an email at