Ft. Collins - Homeland Security Exercise and Eval Program Course - 1/26/10-1/28/10

Speaking of COTRAIN... I understand that Ft. Collins is hosting a Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Training Course on 1/26/10 through 1/28/10 - COTRAIN Course ID - 1016777.  The HSEEP courses focus on exercise program management, design and development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. In addition to the instructor led presentations, the course includes small group activities, videos, group discussions, and introductions to HSEEP-related initiatives such as technology (e.g., HSEEP Toolkit) and capabilities-based planning.

The intended audience for this course includes: Exercise Points of Contact, Exercise Planning Team, Leaders/Members, Exercise Controllers/Facilitators, and Exercise Evaluators

Therefore, participants are required to complete, at a minimum, Independent Study (IS)-120A: An Introduction to Exercises. This course can be found at http://training.fema.gov

To register, go to the course listing in COTRAIN and for any questions, contact christine.gallardo@state.co.us