Colorado Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) Programs

I got an msg re: Colorado Citizen's Preparedness from Cathy Prudhomme in the Gov's Office of Homeland Security.  In particular, Cathy pointed out that the recent devastation in Haiti is a vivid reminder of the importance of involving Colorado residents in our local Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) programs.  From full CERT training, to the shorter and more condensed Be Ready, and Take Part programs, local efforts in training and preparing our communities and residents for a myriad of potential Colorado disasters is a crucial role and.  Too, as we have all seen, in a major disaster your friends, families and neighbors may be your first lifeline or assistance.
At this time throughout our state and the entire country, there's an increased interest from citizens looking for opportunities to raise their families level of disaster preparedness.  So, if you are already in a CERT group, make sure it is registered on the National Citizen Corps/CERT web site at and verify that the registration information is current and complete, including your unit description.  

If you are not a part of your local Citizen Corps or want to know more about CERT programs in your area, check out check out and, of course...

Cathy is a great Colorado community resource as Colorado's Community Preparedness Program Manager with the Governor's Office of Homeland Security.  So, if you have any questions regarding Citizen's Corps or Community Emergency Response Training Programs in Colorado, you can contact Cathy directly at