Douglas County Sheriff Web Page - Resident "must have" and for others a "should definitely check out"...

If you haven't seen it, stop by and check out the Douglas County Sheriff's Office web page

As I work to do a much-needed, ground-up redesign of our Division's page, layout, content and flow, I am always on the hunt for examples/ideas in the emergency management field. From the intuitive interface, to the varied multi-media content, crime-mapping and personal "feel" of the site, I really appreciate the considered layout and content efforts of this site.  If you are a Douglas County resident or spending any time in Douglas County, it is certainly a "must have."  If you aren't a resident, it is a "should definitely check out."

If you have others in the law, fire or emergency management field in Colorado you think are worth checking out, too, feel free to send them my way at  Or, do you have any ideas on what you would like (or would not like to see) on the state's emergency management page?  Shoot me an email on that, too.  The site is yours, after all!!!

In any event, I just thought the site is not only informative, but also very intuitive and wanted to pass along.