Colorado Mobile/SMS/Email Emergency Alert Systems List

As our collective reliance on mobile phones as primary communications increases, emergency managers in Colorado continue to add mobile, SMS and email-based notification systems to the alert system structure.  In Colorado, the types of notification systems established and maintained on a local basis are strictly the purview of local jurisdictions, based on population needs and local hazards.  To help you identify which ones to follow where you live or travel, I have started to maintain a list of known systems and their registration pages in Colorado where you can sign-up for alerts.

The list can be found at DEM's Colorado SMS/Text Alert and Mobile Emergency Alert Systems on DEM's site.

The initial list of systems was geared towards identifying available County-based systems.  That said, many municipalities and other organizations also maintain robust alert systems, such as the City of Denver.  So, I am now starting to add cities, towns and other organizations by County location, to the list so expect this initial list to grow! 

If I need to add one you know about - shoot me an email to and we'll get it online.  Thanks!