Update on Battelle Systems Available in Colorado to Decontaminate N95 Masks

Battelle, in support of Colorado, is useing  mask cleaning systems in place in Montrose and Brighton to support our state's COVID-19 repsonse. Increasing the awareness of who is eligible to use these systems will help preserve valuable PPE and make the most of this particular resource.

There are currently three categories of facilities/organizations that can use these systems for cleaning and recycling their masks:

  • Category 1 is hospitals, physician offices (including dentists) and other care facilities such as nursing homes
  • Category 2 is vendors servicing Category 1 health care personnel—janitorial services, security, clerical, utility companies, construction, etc.
  • Category 3 is first responders who are serving as emergency medical service personnel—police and fire, National Guard, FBI, corrections officers
The first step for any facility, team, or organization to use this resource is to enroll with Battelle. This enables them to determine eligibility and to provide the facility or organization with specific information on collecting and shipping masks. Enrollment is available here: https://www.battelle.org/inquiry/offerings-and-services/covid-response The Battelle team is working directly with the State of Colorado to coordinate enrollment of facilities and organizations, and we encourage you to share this information as you feel appropriate.

There is currently no FDA approval for non-health setting workers such as agriculture, veterinarians, food workers, utility workers not servicing health care, etc. but they are working on it and will let us know if the ability to serve these other sectors opens up.