Clarification on Grant Program and Process for Manitou Incline

Clarification on Manitou Incline grant project with the City of Colorado Springs following Gazette report on Tuesday, August 1.

1. Grant funding is not currently at risk as the City of Colorado Springs continues to work through the grant application process with support from DHSEM.

2. The grant involves a multi-step, methodical process and takes time to complete.

3. The goal of the state is to assist the city in meeting all of the federal procurement rules so that in the end they are able to utilize all grant dollars allocated to them.

4. The grant program is a reimbursement program that means that after the grant agreement is approved and the work is completed the city can submit documentation for reimbursement of expenses.

5. This project falls under the Community Development Block Grant - Disaster (CDBG-DR) Program.

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