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Be Bear Aware

Centennial, Colo. – August 14, 2017 — There have been several interactions between bears and people this year.  The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) website has many great resources for those exploring the Colorado outdoors.  Before heading out to enjoy the Colorado outdoors take a minute to learn how to be “bear aware” and enjoy a safe hike or camping trip.  If you are camping or hiking west of Interstate 25 there is a good chance you are in bear country. 

According to the CPW website, “Bears that learn that people have food routinely visit camp sites, picnic areas and resorts in hopes of finding an easy meal.  If you want to avoid problems for yourself and the bears, make sure there’s nothing to attract bears to your camp.”  Below are Bear Aware safety tips from the Colorado Parks and Wildfire to make your next excursion in the Colorado back-country a safe one.

Be Bear Aware Camping Tips: Secure Your Trash and Food

  • Never intentionally feed a bear. Baby bears are cute, but the momma bear is always nearby and will not take kindly to you being near her cub.
  • Stash your trash. Use bear-proof trash containers when available. If they are full, double bag trash and lock it in your trunk or RV. Never leave trash outside.
  • Store attractants safely.  Store food, beverages and toiletries in bear-proof food lockers.

Be Bear Aware Camping Tips: If a Bear Enters Your Campsite

·         Do not turn and run.  Yell, wave your arms and try to appear larger.
·         Make it feel unwelcome.  If the bear continues to approach, throw rocks or sticks toward it and continue yelling.

Be Bear Aware Hiking Tips

·         Do you see tracks? Tracks, bear scat and shredded logs mean you are in bear country.
·         Be alert at all times. Be extra cautious at dawn and dusk when the wind is in your face, visibility is limited or you are walking by a noisy stream. A firm clap or quick shout warns bears that humans are in the area.

Be Bear Aware Bear Encounters

·         If you surprised a bear on a trail:
o    Stand still, stay calm and let the bear identify you and leave.
o    Never run or climb a tree.
o    If you see cubs their mother is usually close. Leave the area immediately.
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