DHSEM Preparing State EOC for Activation

The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) will activate at 12 p.m. today  in response to the developing weather system across the State. We will be activating at Level II.  This means that primary DHSEM staff actively monitor the on-going incident. Command and General Staff will occupy positions in the SEOC. Selected State agency representatives are in the SEOC. Notification is made to all remaining State agencies and other support organizations to be on stand – by for activation.

It is anticipated this activation will occur throughout the weekend and possibly into early next week. However, actual operational periods and shifts will be determined as the weather system develops.

WebEOC Login and Password Support

Stakeholders supporting at the local and state levels should login to WebEOC to monitor current information.  If you have forgotten you password please click the link highlighted in the photo below.  There is a tool on the sign in screen to provide password reset assistance.  This will provide immediate assistance.

WebEOC photo