State EOC Activates at 12 p.m. to Support April Storm

State EOC Update

The Colorado State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) activates at 12 p.m. today to support local jurisdictions with resource requests and information needs due to a statewide weather system impacting the state.

 State EOC Objectives

1. Monitor weather conditions across the State and  FEMA Region VII.
2. Establish and maintain situational awareness by staying in contact with local jurisdictions and other response agencies.
3. Be prepared to provide resources to local jurisdictions upon request through proper process in an effort to conduct a coordinated State-level response.
4. Ensure all resource request documentation is accurate, complete, and understandable.
5. Assist in the development and coordination of State-level messaging and provide support to local Joint Information Centers, as necessary.
6. Be prepared to initiate State - level response for incidents or events outside of impacted areas

Information Sources

The State EOC will be sharing information on the platforms listed below.  We also suggest bookmarking or following your local public safety or government accounts for updates.   Please note that you do not need a Twitter or Facebook account to access the information posted on these platforms. You can read the updates by clicking on the website links provided below.

Incident and Event Information

 Community Preparedness and Safety Tips