State EOC Activated at Level Three Response

The State Emergency Operations Center is activated at a level three. The State EOC is activated to monitor and respond to flood impacts of the South Platte and Arkansas Rivers.  A situational awareness briefing is currently underway.

State EOC Objectives

  • Establish and maintain situational awareness by staying in contact with local jurisdictions and other response agencies.
  • Be prepared to provide resources to local jurisdictions upon request through proper process in an effort to conduct a coordinated State - level response.
  • Assist in the development and coordination of State - level messaging and provide support to local Joint Information Centers, as necessary.
  • Be prepared to initiate State - level response for incidents or events outside of impacted areas.
  • Monitor weather conditions across the State / FEMA Region.


Level Three Definition

The State EOC will be initially staffed using available DHSEM personnel for business hours only. Select state agencies (for example: CDPHE, CDPS, DMVA, CDOT) are notified they may be needed to report to the State EOC.