Announcement: DHSEM Division Changes

DHSEM Director Kevin Klein announced the following changes effective May 1 for the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
I wanted to update all of you on some important changes that are being made within the Division, some upcoming initiatives and highlight a few accomplishments.


Building Our Leadership Depth

In order to further develop experience and knowledge within our leadership, effective today, 1 May directors Hard and Reynolds will exchange positions. Dave and Dana both possess unique skill sets, and the change in positions will add to their professional development and the Division’s depth of knowledge and resiliency.

This exchange in leadership will improve continuity at the director level. It will also allow more flexibility in management of day-to-day operations. There is a transition plan for Dave and Dana that includes the ability to backstop each other in specific areas where they have expertise, especially in emergency operations.


Program Moves

Also effective today, I am also transferring certain programs to other branches in order to enhance and streamline our efficiency and effectiveness and to eliminate duplication of efforts.

The Training & Exercise Section will report to Director Hard within the Support Branch. The move of the Training and Exercise Section is designed to broaden its programmatic areas and address span of control issues. I believe this move will help enhance our all hazards approach to our statewide, multi-disciplinary training and exercises capability.

Critical Infrastructure & Cyber Protection will report to Director Burt in the CIAC Branch. This is consistent with the increased role fusion centers are taking in cyber-security and intelligence sharing related to critical infrastructure protection. This change will help streamline the threat assessment process, classified briefings related to cyber and critical infrastructure threats and help expand the public-private partnerships that are currently being worked both in the CIAC and Support Services Branch. This change ensures better alignment of our prevention and protection efforts, and the expertise and passion that Jory brings to the program will significantly enhance the CIAC’s capabilities in these areas.

I recognize that restructurings can be challenging and create change fatigue within our Division. The Directors and I will work diligently to ensure a smooth transition. I am confident in the end that these changes will make us more efficient and effective while bringing value to all division stakeholders.