Update from St. Mary's Glacier Water and Sanitation District Regarding Status of Water System

Posted on behalf of St. Mary's Glacier Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will hold a public meeting on Friday, April 25, 2014, at 7:30 p.m. at the Alice School House to discuss the status of the water system.

As of April 21, 2014, the District system has seen much improvement. The water level in the wells are increasing daily at a promising rate. The pressures have reached the normal operating levels. We are currently hyper-chlorinating the system as per State of Colorado Rules and Regulations. If the system continues to stabilize, we will be flushing/scouring the entire system on April 23, 2014, charging up booster stations, and testing. Lab results are usually completed in 24 hours of the lab receiving the test. If the District passes with lab results in compliance, the Operator will give us approval to reactivate the system and notify customers they can use the water. The flushing procedures are attached below.

While the District is flushing/scouring the system, it is important that customers do not use water. It is important that the District have as much water as possible to complete this process. If customers use the water, this may delay the process and delay the date of being able to bring the system up for customers to begin using the water.

Please note you can use the sewer system and use the potable water available in the lower parking lot of the condos to fill your toilet tanks for flushing.

You will be notified when you can use the water. You will see that you may have water service during the flushing process, please do not use any water until you are advised you may do so.

You are encouraged to check back to the website, www.stmarysglacier.comfor updates and additional information as it becomes available. You may also receive an update via recorded message through the District phone: 720-244-7385. These sources will be updated as soon as new information is made available to us. The District will also send out email blasts with this information. If we do not have your email address, please send it to: sarahsmith1275@gmail.com

We are working in cooperation with the State of Colorado, Clear Creek County, The Department of Health, and, Ramey Environmental Compliance, LLC in resolving this situation as quickly as possible and to develop a plan to reduce the potential for future occurrences.

Thank you,

SMGWSD Board of Directors

General Email for Board of Directors = SMGWSD@gmail.com