Pipeline Complex Fire Update: July 14

Fire Facts for Pipeline Fire Complex

Detected: July 9, 2013

Containment: 95%

Fuel Type: Mixed Conifer

Cause: Lightning

Location: Fishers Peak Mesa

Terrain: Steep and Rugged

Closures: None

Structures threatened: None

Evacuations: None

Acres: 100 acres

Crews: 1 Type I hand crew, 2 Type II hand crews, 3 engines, 1 water tender and a Type III incident management team. The total number of personnel is: 82

Weather: Mostly cloudy with potential for scattered thunderstorms and lightning, winds south to southwest 5-10 m.p.h., temperatures between 55 and 78 degrees.

Firefighters continue to construct and tie in existing lines around the fire perimeter while mopping up the interior. Crews were able to make great progress yesterday with a 95% containment. The Type III organization is going to transfer command of the fire to the local district tomorrow.

Although the Pipeline Complex is no longer a threat, the area has continued to receive several lightning storms. Chief Buddie Curro wanted to remind everyone that there is “still potential out there, we are not out of the woods yet”.

Information provided by Pipeline Fire Information Officer.  Contact information for the team:

Fire Information – 719-422-3078

PIO: Amy Daniels

Email: pipelinefire@gmail.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/pipelinefire1