Public Comment for Proposed Cheyenne Military Operations Area Modification

On May 1, a 30-day public review and comment  period began for the Cheyenne military operations area modification draft environmental assessment and draft finding of no significant impact.

This airspace proposal will raise the flight floor in the existing Cheyenne military operations area from 300 to 500 feet above ground level, decreasing noise impacts on the ground in areas that underlie the current training airspace.

Through consultation with Native American tribes, the Colorado Air National Guard has agreed to maintain a 5-nautical mile radius buffer around the center of the Sand Creek Massacre National Historical Site, Colo., with a flight floor of 5,000 feet above ground level.

The training airspace is also expanding into Kansas, decreasing density of military aircraft in the military operations area. 

Colorado Air National Guard F-16 pilots from the 140th Wing based at Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora, Colo., require a larger local airspace where they can realistically train for homeland defense and overseas missions and threats before they’re put in harm’s way.

If any questions arise about this proposal, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 720-250-1053 and ask to speak to Capt Darin Overstreet.

Here is a link to our website where the public can download all of the pertinent documents including a map of the proposed modification:

Information posted at the request of Maj Elena O'Bryan,State Public Affairs Officer,Colorado National Guard.