NIMS Compliance Assistance Support Tool Update

NIMS Compliance Assistance Support Tool (NIMSCAST) Update

The purpose of this NIMS Alert is to announce the release of the National Incident Management System Compliance Assistance Support Tool (NIMSCAST), version 4.00.15. This version of the NIMSCAST provides enhanced security features, improved e-mail function, and adds the FY 2012 NIMS implementation assessment for local, State, Territory, and Tribal governments. Additionally, the NIMSCAST homepage ( now features an updated NIMSCAST User Guide. This guide includes improved step-by-step instructions, additional guidance on using available reports, and an updated glossary.

Homeland Security Presidential Directive-5 requires that all Federal departments and agencies make adoption of NIMS by local, State, Territorial, and Tribal organizations a condition to receive Federal Preparedness Grant Awards. To that end, FEMA’s National Integration Center (NIC) developed NIMSCAST as a no-cost self-assessment instrument for local, State, Territory, and Tribal governments to evaluate and report on their respective implementation of NIMS. Implementation progress data, as reported through NIMSCAST, is taken into consideration when allocating grant funds.

For additional information on NIMS, NIMS implementation, or NIMSCAST contact the NIC at 202-646-3850 or via e-mail: