DEM Weekly Update ~ February 3, 2012

Colorado Division of Emergency Management Weekly Update February 3, 2012
Topics included in the Weekly Update include: 
  • 2012 Colorado Emergency Management Association Annual Awards Announced
  • 2012 Emergency Management Conference and Trivia Question
    • The first Colorado conference of record originated with the Colorado Civil Defense Association Fall Meeting, October 18, 1968.  Held at the University Memorial Center in Boulder, Colorado,  the one day agenda was packed with sessions that included Military Support, Disasters and Public Apathy, The Real What and Why of Modern Civil Defense, Legal Aspects and a session by the Colorado Civil Defense Agency (now known as Colorado Division of Emergency Management).  The agenda was followed by the Associations Business Meeting.
  • NAPSG Survey for Those in Emergency Management
  • Job Announcement for Kiowa County
  • Resources Focused on Emergency Management and Education
  • Training Information
  Please contact Micki Trost, DEM PIO, at with any questions or comments.