Update on South Eastern Colorado Blizzard Event

Today, December 20, at 9 a.m. Riley Frazee, Colorado Division of Emergency Management Field Manager, coordinated a conference call with emergency managers in each of the counties involved in yesterday's blizzard event as well as the National Weather Service, Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado National Guard, Colorado Department of Corrections and the Colorado Division of Emergency Management to discuss current conditions and anticipated resource requests.

Today counties are focused on clearing roadways, the rescue of two stranded motorists on County Road 90 by the Colorado National Guard was being completed and there were no life safety issues reported.  At this time there are no reports of injuries or deaths associated with this event.

For information related to each county please contact the specific county emergency manager. The contact information for emergency managers in Colorado is listed on the COEmergency site.

For the remainder of the week South Eastern Colorado is expected to experience a cold weather winter storm, however, large amounts of snow are not part of the forecast.  Anyone traveling in, or through the area, should monitor weather and road conditions.  Sources of information to assist travelers are:
  • Colorado Department of Transportation's website at cotrip.org.
  • NOAA's National Weather Service Website at weather.gov.
  • Your local county website, Twitter Feed or Facebook page.  The local jurisdictions put out current weather and safety information throughout this blizzard event.
  • Follow us on Twitter at COEmergency or text follow coemergency to 40404 for text alerts.