Emergency Operations Plan Templates

In a follow-up to the November Emergency Manager Academy, two different templates for Emergency Operations Plans have been provided.  These are based on the November 2010 Version of FEMA’s Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101: Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans.

Neither FEMA nor the State is mandating a particular template, even though we prefer the ESF format for consistency with the National Response Framework. Each emergency manager can choose the one, or create a hybrid of both,  that meets your jurisdiction’s needs.  As you will see, the information within both is virtually the same.  The only difference is how that information is organized. You can download each of the templates:
  1. ESF EOP Format Template
  2. Functional EOP Format Template
When using the templates you will see that each section/paragraph header of the templates is in black. Underneath each header, in grey, is a brief description of what should be contained in that section/paragraph.  Sometimes multiple items should be addressed.  For example, mass care covers sheltering, feeding, pet and service animal issues, medical support, access and functional needs populations, etc.  

For more detailed assistance, please contract your DEM Regional Field Manager.